Hello everyone,

Dr. John Carmack recently left the position of Executive Director of the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy to accept a position which will allow him to be closer to his home and family.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Carmack for his service to our licensing board.  Much was accomplished under his leadership and he will be missed.  The board wishes him well on his next great adventure!

The board would like to take this opportunity to welcome Lenora Erickson as our new Executive Director.  Lenora is a LPC with specializations in supervision, technology assisted counseling/supervision and substance abuse.  Lenora has worked in the field for twenty years in a variety of clinical settings.  She was currently serving her second appointment on the board when she accepted the Executive Director’s position.  She served as board chair for two consecutive years and has a deep understanding of the daily operations of the board.  Please join me in welcoming Lenora Erickson as our new Executive Director!  Lenora’s experience providing direct service for many years gives her a unique understanding of the ever-changing world of mental health treatment in the state of Arkansas.  We look forward to great things under her leadership as we continue to work to ensure the care and safety of the clients we serve.

Robbie Cline, LPC-S
ABEC, Board Chair


Greetings everyone,

We have had significant staff changes in the board office and I want thank everyone for your patience during this transition period.  As most of you know, we are moving to a paperless system and have started online renewals this year.  We will be moving toward online applications and 6 month report submissions in the future.  As with any new process, the online renewal has had some technical difficulties.  Any dually licensed people need to send renewal documents through the mail or bring them to the board office.

We are moving away from issuing plastic cards as the online system generates a renewal receipt/card that is automatically emailed when you renew online.  The only instance we would issue a plastic card is if the system failed to issue the receipt/card.  Some people have recently received plastic cards in the mail due to a backlog of cards that were previously made, and had not been mailed out.

We are aware that wall certificates have not been mailed out for some time.  We are presently getting those printed and mailed out.  The board members have been most helpful to volunteer their time and work in the office to make this happen.

We are aware there is a significant issue with 6 month reports getting put in the system.  We have a new administrative specialist, Alicia Parks, who is presently working with Elizabeth Jones, to get all these caught up and entered in the system.

Again, I greatly appreciate all your patience and understanding as we are going through this transition.

Lenora Erickson, LPC-s, TA-s, AADC
Executive Director